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More than 25 years in business!

Shine the light in or out with shades

Shut out the light and enjoy the privacy that shades can bring. Raise them when you're in the mood or pull them all the way down to make your home seem more intimate. Find a variety of shade styles that make them not just functional, but fashionable as well.

Your exquisite shade choices

•  Soft shades

•  Honey comb shades

•  Designer screen shades

•  Blackout cellular shades

•  Pleated and roller shades

•  Roman shades

•  Silhouette, Luminette, Pirouette sheer shades

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Get your window treatments and decor designs made to taste with our expert and creative custom services.

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Give your home more than just the right window treatments. Give it a whole new look with the help of our creative interior design services.